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Frequently Asked Questions 2k Auto Hybrid/Electric 

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. Yes.
We work with various finance companies. Please apply for credit online.

Q. How much down payment is required for Bank financing?
A. In most cases 10% down payment is required.  Please apply for credit online and we will get you best deal possible!

Q. Which Bank or Finance Company do You Work With?
A. We work with many different finance companies, Credit Unions and Banks.

Q. Can I take the car to a mechanic before purchasing?
A. Yes, you can and we have no problem with that.

Q. Are your prices negotiable?
A. Yes, we can negotiate.

Q. Does the hybrid cars come with a warranty?
A. No. Cars are sold strictly "AS IS"

Q. Is the warranty available for purchase?
A. Yes. We have various warranty options available at additional cost.

Q. What type of payment do you accept?
A. We only accept cash or certified checks.

Q. Can I get Plates and Paperwork done at your establishment? 
A. Yes, we are Notary public and we issue plates, do title transfer, and notarize all paperwork in house.

Q. Do you accept trade-ins? 
A. Yes we do, but we do not give any quotes over the phone. We need to see you car in order to give you the quote.

Please feel free to call us any time

2K Auto

6553 Route 30, Jeannette, PA 15644

Office: (724) 374-5423  Fax: (724) 374-5734

open: Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm, Sat 9am - 3pm, Sun - Closed.

Our E-Mail: info@2kauto.com

Directions from Greensburg, PA Wal-Mart

- Head WEST on U.S. 30 towards Irwin, PA

- Drive 2.5 miles and destination will be on your right

- (Look at your right pass Dunkin' Donuts)

Directions from Pittsburgh, PA

- Take I-376 E to Monroeville, PA & drive 12 miles

- Take Exit 85 for PA Turnpike I-76 E towards Harrisburg & drive 10.5 miles

- Take Exit 67 towards U.S. 30 E to Greensburg & drive 3 miles

- Destination will be on your LEFT